Building EKG™

Building EKG™ provides mobile tools for management of renewable energy production, energy consumption and water usage in real-time. This iPhone, iPad App combines the capabilities of Noveda’s suite of monitoring solutions (EnergyFlow Monitor, SunFlow Monitor®, and Carbon Footprint Monitor), giving an integrated view of all critical energy cost drivers, including electric, gas, steam, and oil, among others.

With the launch of the Building EKG™ application, Noveda can deliver actionable intelligence on energy and water use not only instantaneously, but via multiple channels to customers wherever they are located. This helps customers to take immediate action to reduce their energy and water consumption and maximize renewable energy production.

Al Matos, Vice President of Renewables and Energy Solutions at PSE&G: “The Building EKG™ application will provide yet another way for our plant managers to get information on operational and maintenance issues, and react immediately, thus maximizing the renewable electricity output from our unmanned plants.”