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Importance of Water Management

Importance of Water Management

Water management is becoming critical for multiple reasons. First, water use is becoming expensive due to increasing water costs. Droughts and increasing demand in waterscarce regions have led to increase in urban water prices. More increases are appearing on the horizon. Proposed upgrades to the water infrastructure, currently rated D-minus by the American Society of Civil Engineers, are likely to lead to further increases in water costs.

Another key driver for water management is the nexus between water and energy i.e. increase in water use also leads to increased energy bills. This is clearly observed in businesses such as hotels, where a substantial amount of energy, to the tune of one third of the facility's total energy consumption, is used in heating water.

Water conservation also leads to reduced wastewater generation and the associated costs. Efficiency in water use also contributes credits for LEED certification.

Water management is also important from the viewpoint of water leakage. According to Zurich North America, water damage is the number one source of property claims for owners of high-rise residences, hotels, office buildings, retail establishments and other commercial structures.Their study also indicates that over 60% of water damage claims could have been mitigated or prevented

Reduce water use & control leaks

Noveda's water management solutions provide a 360° view of consumption patterns in real-time. Leveraging real-time monitoring data, customers can reduce water use, by 15% on average. In addition, our iQuatic water leak detection solution uses a patented smart learning adaptive system (SLAS) to detect leaks and controls them in real-time.

Whether you are an industrial, retail or commercial enterprise, a government, utility or an educational institution, expect to realize water savings and leak protection with the Noveda iQuatic solution immediately;a software as a service (SaaS) solution that works right out of the box, with no software to maintain or upgrade, and data that is accessible from anywhere.

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