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SunFlow Monitor®

SunFlow Monitor® compares renewable system’s performance against expected, taking weather effects and outside temperature conditions into account. SunFlow Monitor® ensures that solar photovoltaic (PV) or wind energy systems perform at contract specifications and kWh production guarantees. SunFlow Monitor® also produces hourly reports for renewable energy credits (RECs).

SunFlow Monitor’s key attributes:

  • Gets real-time information on renewable energy production, facility energy consumption, and greenhouse gas generation
  • Preserves return on renewable investment by ensuring that installation is meeting performance guarantees
  • Automates billing information for power purchase agreement (PPA) provider
  • Monitors performance at string and inverter levels
  • Monitors the current conditions at your solar location with real-time web camera images

Ready to find out how SunFlow Monitor® can help you to monitor and optimize performance of your solar PV and wind energy systems? Contact us for a free online demonstration today.