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Generate funds for patient services with energy and water conservation

Hospitals are among the nation's most complex, diverse, and energy-intensive facilities. Only fast food restaurants use more energy per sq. ft. than hospitals. In 2010, 91% of US hospitals reported higher energy costs over 2009. Key to reducing your energy costs is the visibility into energy cost drivers.

Let monitoring identify the opportunity to reduce your energy spending

Noveda's energy management solutions provide a 360° view of consumption patterns. Leveraging our real-time monitoring data, customers can uncover the source of energy waste and gauge the impact of actions taken to eliminate waste. Waste or inefficiency in energy use can be as much as 30%, according to the EPA.

Use real-time data to achieve operational savings and improve patient care

  • With EnergyFlow, customers monitor multiple energy sources (electric, gas, steam, oil, heating, cooling) from one dashboard, adjust settings to  reflect occupancy and weather patterns, avoid demand peaks, and catch billing errors
  • EnergyFlow CXL (Capex Lens) is used to identify energy waste on a load-by-load. Customers use the sub-metering with CXL to track return on capex, and for measurement & verification (M&V) credits for LEED certification.
  • PortfolioTracker enables customers to monitor energy consumption across multiple sites from a single dashboard. The information is normalized for variables such as square footage to enable prioritizing of energy efficiency investments, aggregation of  energy consumption across properties to negotiate better pricing.

Optimize your investment in wind/solar PV

Rapidly rising energy costs are making renewable energy increasingly compelling to hospitals. Whether it is for one installation or for a portfolio of sites, we monitor from string level to the panel surface and the inverter, ensuring you maximize your return on solar PV at minimal maintenance cost.

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With the Noveda A+ solution, expect  to realize energy and water savings;a software as a service (SaaS) solution that works right  out of the box, with no software to maintain or upgrade, and data that is accessible from anywhere.

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