Tools for energy education & training

A 2011 Association of Energy Engineers survey indicates that there is a growing demand for energy efficiency, and renewable energy professionals due to industry growth coupled with a dwindling supply of energy proffesionals. The same survey indicates that professional certification results in enhanced career success. 

Whether you are a student in a school interested in a green job or a industry professional looking to improve your skills, Noveda has simple, easy-to-use energy and water education and training tools for you.

Effacility trains students (5th grade or higher) to do Level 1 energy audits. Key features include:

  • Self-energy assessment tool with simple to use interface
  • Provides recommendation engine with automatic mapping to specific appliances & lighting solutions
  • Previews associated financial & environmental benefits
  • Automated reporting & ongoing support through user profile based web interface
  • Display benefits of ECMs to community through social media web platform

Click here to take a tour of Effacility.

MakeMeSustainable uses social media to engage students in sustainability. Key features include:

  • Dynamic calculators & analytics for users to determine energy/water consumption & financial/environmental impact
  • Personalized recommendation engine for users to determine energy conservation measures & track benefits of chosen actions
  • Leverages integrated social media features

Noveda Certified Student Engineer Program (NCSE) prepares students for Green Jobs today, LEEDing the way for the Future. Key elements of NCSE include:

  • Functional skills development: Audits using Effacility
  • Real world experience: Equipment optimization using iTerate
  • Employment & continuing education: Preparation for LEED certification

See once, do once, teach once

For technicians and facility managers, iTerate provides a low bandwidth, real-time collaboration platform for multiple users, which improves productivity in the field and reduces repeat service visits. iTerate also includes:

  • Education & testing modules for training and certification
  • Enables real-time remote installation and service support
  • Provides on-the-ground technician energy servicing guide

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