White Papers

Latest whitepapers and presentations from Noveda.

  • Employees: The front lines of sustainability
    Smart Business; January 2012

    All signs point to green being the new black. Companies who want positive balance sheets must concentrate on how they can be a positive force for the community at-large. It’s a top-down, bottom-up effort. When you incentivize your employees to factor in green with every decision and action they take, at work and beyond, your company will be reaping the benefits. Guaranteed.

  • Empowering Energy Management with Mobility
    Smart Business; November 2011

    Energy-related mobile applications can enable better management of renewable energy production, energy consumption and water usage in real-time. My company’s Building EKG™ application, for example, is designed to help businesses access information anywhere at any time, enabling key decision makers to make on-demand changes across multiple platforms and at multiple facilities, irrespective of location.

  • The Role of Cleantech in Global Economic Development
    Noveda Technologies; July 2011

    Trends, challenges and opportunities in CleanTech are highlighted in this keynote address.

  • The Importance of Data Transparency
    Noveda Technologies; February 2011

    Jumpstart your journey to net-zero with real-time data.

  • 31 Tannery Project Year 2+
    Automated Buildings; November 2008

    Maintaining our 2nd Year of net zero electric operations and Energy Star 100 scores.

  • Divide to Conquer Net-Zero
    Noveda Technologies; November 2008

    Getting to net-zero carbon emissions is a difficult challenge for any building. First, you have to decide if you're going to tackle both electrical and thermal energy loads, which really is a lot to take on at once. Having faced this decision, I recommend the divide-and-conquer approach: Choose net-zero electrical or thermal, and after achieving one, tackle the other.

  • Breaking the Net Zero Energy Barrier:
    Automated Buildings; August 2008

    The 31 Tannery project has set a new benchmark and opened new horizons in solving energy issues by being the first to break the net-zero electric barrier with commercial buildings. It was accomplished in a commercially viable manner with low-maintenance, easy-to-manage systems and a projected payback of 5 to 7 years.

  • Back to the Grid
    High Performance Buildings; April 2008

    Documented energy use for one year shows 31 Tannery Project generated more electricity from renewable energy than it consumed, making it a net zero commercial electric building.

  • 31 Tannery Project
    Automated Buildings; November 2007

    First net zero electric commercial building in the US: Post occupancy review, observations & lessons learned.