MakeMeSustainable Keeps Your Company Aware of Energy Waste

Awareness, or lack thereof, is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest obstacles to attaining thorough acceptance of a truly green business world. Companies are eager to “go green,” as long as it doesn’t cost any money. That, statistically, is reality.

So, how can we move people in the business community, with eyes always on the bottom line, to move from “desire” to “action” when it comes to incorporating real environmentally friendly business practices into the daily workflow?

It’s easy to think about personal commitment to saving the environment – “we recycle at home,” “we always shut off lights when we aren’t using them,” “we limit shower time.” And, if you and your family are doing those things and others that cut down on energy waste and your utility bills – bravo!

However, this is a big world and individual efforts aren’t enough. At the corporate level, businesses must rally the troops. We spent so much time at work that most people are quick to believe that the company is doing its part. And, quite frankly, individuals aren’t paying attention to the company’s bottom line.

If your company wants to increase employee awareness when it comes to saving energy – which you already know will quickly impact your business expenses – get them on board! How? Like anything else in the workplace, communication is key. There’s no way around it. People don’t know what they don’t know.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to share company views on energy savings programs that allowed employees to share their successes and enjoy the savings?

Meet Noveda Technologies’ newest platform: MakeMeSustainable, recently purchased by Branchburg, N.J. energy monitoring system company Noveda, arms companies with the ability to share their views on sustainability with their employees – online.

Noveda recently acquired MakeMeSustainable, a company that specializes in energy awareness through social media. MakeMeSustainable’s social network, which brings together consumers with energy conscious tendencies, allows companies that incorporate MakeMeSustainable into their corporate social media networks the ability to reinforce corporate “green” philosophies with employees. MakeMeSustainable provides industry-leading energy and environmental assessment tools that enable corporations, organizations and educational institutions to effectively view, manage, and reduce their energy and water consumption.

The company's recently launched enterprise-grade efficient facility tool, Effacility, enables audits and analysis of energy and water use, which then feeds into a robust recommendation engine to provide targeted energy and water saving solutions. The company also operates a successful consumer-facing carbon calculator and social network, which brings together energy-conscious consumers and leverages their collective network to affect change and promote green products and services.

The social networking platform of MakeMeSustainable also promotes energy saving initiatives, giving companies a powerful tool with which to communicate with employees about energy savings. The social network can be leveraged to affect change and promote green products and services.

One huge bonus of MakeMeSustainable’s platform is the ease of use. Since most people these days are already familiar with the social networking routine, it is usually not tough to make the jump to MakeMeSustainable. The online portal is an essential tool in companies enacting energy efficient policies and practices.

With MakeMeSustainable now combining its platform with Noveda, there is an even more useful set of tools at your company’s disposal. Noveda’s real-time energy monitoring technology allows clients to see what can be improved right here and now.

Of course, there is no time like the present to start saving energy and money on energy bills – at work and at home. MakeMeSustainable makes it easy to do both.