Energy Efficiency Brings Added Value to Buyers

These days, navigating the office space market can be daunting -- especially when you're attempting to help clients make choices that are economically sound. It takes an experienced commercial real estate negotiator to ascertain what works and what doesn't work in helping a client make an informed decision.

Every incentive being offered may make the difference between which building is chosen and the "deal that got away."

Consider using the "green" card. There are many rebates, offered by the government and individual vendors, when energy efficiency improvements are made to a building. When you advise clients to consider buying buildings that are candidates for improvements - new windows, HVAC systems, solar panels and so much more - you will be educating them about ways way to better manage and control energy consumption, decrease their carbon footprint, and, perhaps most important for them today - decrease utility bills - through green technologies.

Plus, rebates offer a quantifiable return on investment for energy efficiency improvements.

Rebates are available for companies that are committed to doing their part to reducing energy use. Brokers can, and should, assist clients by offering to assess properties that are being considered - as it relates to possible energy improvement options. This information can be extremely valuable for investors, owners and users.

For example, if a building needs new mechanical systems, this should be taken into consideration when negotiating a purchase price. Owners will enjoy further savings gained through lower utility bills and rebates. (Since appliance manufacturers are rewarded with higher sales figures for making their products more efficient and utility companies are able to lower their energy waste, customers can benefit.)

Check with utility companies, government offices, appliance manufacturers and vendors to learn more about specific rebates when considering capital improvements to a building or office space.

Your clients have many choices and a huge array of options in the real estate marketplace. It's understandable that they will want to keep searching for the perfect building to purchase.

Help your clients see the unlikely possibilities by suggesting properties that are candidates for energy efficient capital improvements. You'll be closing deals and helping clients "go green" and "save green" - all at the same time.

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