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Noveda Technologies To Offer Interactive Education And Training Platform For Energy Conservation And Water Management


April. 20, 2011 (Full Article)
Noveda Technologies, the leader in web-based real-time energy and water monitoring, announced today that it will be offering an interactive education, training and collaboration platform for driving energy and water conservation. The platform will be developed using software from PrazAs, a leader in real-time learning collaboration software for tablet PCs, and will encourage and enable multiple stakeholders ranging from educators to engineers, to drive energy and water conservation efforts worldwide.

"Our studies of real-time energy and water use indicate the importance of education and communication in achieving sustained behavioral change which drives resource conservation," said Govi Rao, president and CEO of Noveda Technologies. He added, "While Noveda’s expertise lies in real-time monitoring and advanced context development through visualization, PrazAs has developed proprietary technologies in real-time learning and collaboration software that are world-class.”

Commenting on the alliance, Joe Jacob, CTO of Noveda said, “By leveraging the capabilities of PrazAs, we plan to bring innovation to education and training world-wide, specifically geared to drive energy conservation and water management in real-time, 24/7.”

"PrazAs and Noveda share a vision of providing tablet-based education and real-time collaboration platform as a key to accelerating the journey to energy and water conservation," said Raj Valli, CEO of PrazAs. "Noveda's global presence and customer focus will help us broaden the services we offer through our real-time collaboration software technology."

About PrazAs:

PrazAs is a leading developer of software solutions that enable real-time work-flow collaboration to meet a variety of needs in the education, training, publishing, and legal markets. The company was recently selected as a finalist for the TiE 50 awards, Silicon Valley’s premier annual awards program that recognizes the most enterprising technology startups worldwide. PrazAs software can be used from just about any personal computer, but it is optimized for both current and future tablet-style computers, with deep support for pen-based and handwriting input. For more information, visit or call 732-419-0142.