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Govi Rao, CEO of Noveda Technologies, Makes Keynote Address at 15th Annual International Conference for Clean Technologies -- CleanTech 2011



July. 6, 2011 (Full Article)
Govi Rao, President and CEO of Noveda Technologies, made a keynote address yesterday as part of the opening session of the CleanTech 2011 conference, taking place July 5-6, in Tel Aviv, Israel. Joining Mr. Rao as keynote speakers in the opening session of CleanTech 2011 were industry leaders from Enerpoint, SunTech Group, and IDE Technologies, Israel.

Now in its 15th year, CleanTech 2011 is one of the industry's premier international conferences and exhibitions for renewable energy, water technology, green building, energy efficiency, recycling and the environment. The two-day event brings together leaders in clean technology with a focus on Israel, a country that is rapidly emerging as a leader in this space.

In his keynote address, Govi Rao highlighted, "Investment in clean technology continues to grow globally, driven by increasing prices, security concerns and dwindling supplies of natural resources. While reducing carbon footprint is a key factor, companies are "greening" their products to also meet consumer demand and drive new revenue; similarly, for governments, clean technology has become a strategic opportunity to also drive competitiveness and economic growth. Israel is a great example, with more than 300 companies specializing in clean technology and over an estimated US $300 million invested in the industry in the last two years." He added, "Success of clean technology, however, will eventually depend on the ability of companies to mitigate risks, both market and technological, as well as the ability of governments to provide the regulatory support."

In addition to Mr. Rao's presentation, Noveda is also exhibiting its range of innovative solutions that enable building owners and consumers to monitor and optimize their use of electricity, renewables, gas, steam and water, in real time, 24X7.