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ForceField Energy and Noveda Technologies Sign Cross-Marketing Agreement to Provide LED Lighting and Energy Savings Solutions to Customers


NEW YORK, NY (Marketwire July 30, 2014) ForceField Energy Inc. (“ForceField”) (Nasdaq:FNRG), a designer, seller and distributor of energy products and solutions, today announced ithad entered into a cross-marketing agreement with Branchburg, New Jersey based NovedaTechnologies, a leader in cloud-based, real-time energy and water management systems; todeliver advanced solutions for energy and water efficiency to customers worldwide. As part ofthe agreement, both companies will offer an extended and complimentary line of solutions totheir respective customers including LED lighting solutions, advanced lighting controls, realtimemonitoring and SaaS (Savings as a Service). Noveda products, installed in over 3,500locations world-wide are also used by several Fortune 100 global corporations in key marketsegments including big box retail, financial services, commercial, industrial, education and thegovernment. Noveda customers also include leading utility companies PSE&G and HydroOttawa, as well as one of the nation’s most powerful environmental groups, NRDC.

Noveda Technologies’ suite of products and services are designed to lower energy costs byoptimizing building performance thus lowering operating costs for customers. Noveda developsand markets real-time energy and water monitoring systems to lower energy and water usagethrough sustained behavior change as well as through intelligent controls for all lightingtechnologies. Noveda’s patented technology and high impact User Interface is the onlyintegrated solution of its kind worldwide, providing diagnostic and predictive intelligence basedon big data analytics.

In 2013 Noveda launched NESaaS™ - its signature ‘Energy Savings as a Service’ business, withfully financed efficiency solutions, requiring zero capital expenditures from customers:

  • An integrated solution that provides monitoring, controls and 100% funding in aservice contract
  • No capital expenditures are required by the client  
  • Customer pays monthly from savings generated
  • Customer retains up to 40% of the savings over

“Gaining access to ForceField’s broad range of high efficiency LED products and solutions,installation capabilities and access to project financing enables us to meet the fast grow growingdemand of our customers who are committed to taking the “next logical step” in reducing theirenergy costs,” stated Govi Rao, President and CEO of Noveda Technologies. “ForceField’s LEDlighting portfolio provides a perfect complement to Noveda’s real-time energy monitoringsystems enabling us to optimize energy usage and integrate intelligent controls for advancedlighting technologies. We believe the combination will enable us to provide best in class LEDlighting solutions for our current and future Fortune 500 clients, small and medium sizeenterprises and government entities.”

Richard St-Julien, ForceField Energy’s Executive Chairman commented, “Noveda’s presence innumerous high profile locations offers us immediate access to a highly diverse and fast growingclient base world-wide that is demanding LED lighting and other practical energy and waterefficiency solutions. The revenue potential that could be derived from Noveda’s existingcustomer locations is enormous. With 24/7 advanced monitoring and analytics technology,Noveda provides unique alerting and predictive analytics to enable significant savings andimprove energy efficiency to customers. By informing clients of problems in real-time withintheir facilities to avoid costly, unmanaged energy waste, we further strengthen the effectivenessof our turn-key solutions for our customers. The advanced technology enables clients to moreprecisely monitor and maximize cost saving and reduce their operating costs, a key element in aclient’s decision to implement a new or retrofit LED lighting solution. This agreement whichprovides us immediate access to a large existing base of select multi-location clients, combinedwith our recent acquisition and LOI for an additional acquisition of an LED company,underscores ForceField’s aggressive efforts in the rapidly expanding energy efficiency market.”

About ForceField Energy Inc.
ForceField Energy Inc. and its subsidiaries comprise a global company whose products andsolutions focus on sustainable energy solutions and improved energy efficiency. ForceField is adistributor of LED lighting products for a number of premier LED lighting manufacturers; andthrough its subsidiary American Lighting, is an award winning-contractor that has completedlighting installations for numerous high profile concerns in a variety of industries. ForceField isalso a licensee of modular, heat recovery systems that convert waste heat into clean electricity.Its patented technology is based upon the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and uses proprietary,multiple-component fluids that are environmentally sound.

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