Join our webinars as our experts discuss their latest insights in sustainability.

  • Mar

    Engagement - The key to real energy savings

    This webinar offers insight into how to engage all levels of an organisation in saving energy. Topics covered include:

    • How do I educate my organisation about energy consumption?
    • How do I empower my colleagues to save money?
    • How can Noveda Technologies help me engage my organisation?
  • Feb

    Keys for Effective Management of Solar PV Portfolio

    Topics covered include:

    • Solar PV production and consumption monitoring
    • String level monitoring & inverter direct monitoring
    • Monitoring multiple sites via a single dashboard
    • Stakeholder engagement and communication tools     
  • Feb

    Managing Peak Demand to Reduce Energy Costs

    Topics covered include:

    • Peak demand and its importance
    • Options for reducing peak demand
    • How real-time monitoring can help?
  • Jan

    Communicating Sustainability with your Employees and Customers

    Topics covered include:

    • Importance of communicating sustainability
    • Impact of sustainability on brand value
    • Ways to increase stakeholder engagement
  • Jan

    Improve Energy Efficiency - Understand Carbon Reduction

    Topics covered include:

    • How can live consumption data help improve efficiency?
    • How can I impact upon my carbon consumption?
    • How can I save money?
    • How can Noveda’s system help me engage my organisation?