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iTerate Collaboration Tool

The iTerate platform provides administrators, technicians, service representives & trainees with the tools needed for powerful and seamless real-time collaboration in both the installation & servicing environments.

Asynchronous collaboration, while very useful in forms like email and text messaging, quickly looses its effectiveness in situations where real-time teamwork is needed to tackle a goal. Be it a malfunctioning piece of machinery or a complex load balancing excercise, problems are best tackled working together in a group with real-time feedback. The iTerate platform exists for this very reason: to allow instantaneous and uninterrupted collaboration between all parties working on a common issue, and accelerate the speed at which the problem can be resolved.

Benefits of the iTerate platform

  • Ensures equipment is installed/repaired correctly the first time by giving technicians the means by which to accessinstallation manuals, as well as communicate and collaborate with technology experts located offsite
  • Correct initial installation/repair improves customer satisfaction and the perceived product and service quality
  •  Reduces total service time, minimizing costs to you and improving customer satisfaction
  • iTerate also includes education & testing modules for training and certification

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