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Sustainability communication

Communicate and Conserve

The best way to reduce energy use is to show people precisely how much they are using and provide real-time feedback on conservation actions. This impact of direct, real-time feedback on consumer behavior is also known as the 'Prius Dashboard' effect. In a Prius, the information in the display encourages owners to drive in ways that are more fuel-efficient, for example accelerating more slowly and braking more gently.

Communication about efficiency results to all stakeholders is important as well. According to a 2010 Pew Center study, a key attribute of companies that have achieved the greatest success with their energy efficiency strategy is that they effectively communicate efficiency results. 

"Most companies are not doing as much to integrate sustainability into internal communications or employee engagement as they are into other areas of business, such as strategic planning." - October 2011 McKinsey survey

Noveda can help you communicate sustainability, internally and externally, in real-time.

  • We leverage the competitive element in virtual games connected to energy and water use, to drive environmental literacy and reduction in consumption. Noveda has partnered with ARAMARK to encourage energy saving competitions on the campuses ARAMARK serves.
  • A second approach has been to help the environment champion in your office, building or community reach out and educate other colleagues on conservation. By engaging users through a community platform, MMS leverages the viral power of social media, either via the company intranet or through the Internet, and provides a social and competitive element to help make energy savings more enjoyable and impactful. 
  • With web widgets, Noveda enables you to communicate your carbon footprint reduction efforts to external stakeholders, in real-time.

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