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Portfolio Operator's Portal

Noveda Technologies’ Portfolio Operator's Portal is a series of highly customizable dashboards that allows you to easily see all of your company’s facilities and systems in one common view.

The Portfolio Operator's Portal solution comes with several preconfigured dashboards for your convenience:

  • Portfolio View – Provides a high-level view across all facilities and renewable systems

  • Alert View – Provides context-sensitive details about faults, performance issues, communications issues or energy consumption anomalies

  • Facility View – Provides detailed information about each facility and the submetered system details for that facility and enables dynamic charting and data management

  • Operations and Maintenance View – Provides an information repository for each facility, including renewable energy systems, installed and historic performance information relating to system maintenance, and alert management and energy efficiency management efforts

  • Report View – Enables creation of detailed reports

  • Occupant View – Reflects system performance or energy use and conservation efforts in a user-friendly, non-technical style

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