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EnergyFlow Monitor

EnergyFlow Monitor tracks your building’s energy (electricity, gas, steam,oil) & water use in real-time and at the most granular level - enabling you to adjust your settings based on occupancy patterns. In addition, you will receive immediate notifications when peak demand thresholds are met..

Studies have consistently shown that the best way to conserve energy and water use is to show people precisely how much they are using. EnergyFlow Monitor data has enabled our customers achieve 15% energy and water savings, on average.

Meaningful graphics, analysis based text/email alerts, detailed reporting and complete data export flexibility give you the answers, not just the details.


Key Features:

  • Real-time monitoring of energy use (electric, natural gas, fuel oil, steam)
  • Real-time monitoring of renewable (solar PV, wind) electricity generation
  • Real-time monitoring of water use
  • One minute interval reporting
  • Web-based data access
  • Display current, daily, monthly, and 365 day usage data, peak and average demand
  • View real-time data against user defined benchmarks such as budget, baseline, EnergyStar
  • Display facility’s carbon and energy footprint
  • In-depth data analytics with export capability
  • Web based data storage at 1 minute intervals of historical consumption, demand, weather data
  • Customizable performance alerts, including notifications of peak demand periods
  • Compatible with all leading utility meters and building management systems