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Energy Management is Key

Opportunity to reduce energy use

The EPA reports that 30% of energy consumed in buildings is either wasted or inefficiently used. This is reflected by several indicators including the 400% variation in the intensity of energy use across buildings in the US, which is unexplained by age, technology, hours, size, or climate.

There are several reasons for energy waste:

  • Users are not aware where or when energy is being used.
  • Utility bills are a month late, provide little information beyond payment history, and offer no insight into the operation of the building.
  • Building automation systems do not provide the detail or the analysis required to identify and eliminate energy waste.


Noveda solutions can uncover the savings opportunity

Noveda's A+ energy management solutions provide a 360° view of consumption patterns. Leveraging our real-time monitoring data, customers can uncover the source of energy waste and gauge the impact of actions taken to eliminate waste. Our software as a service (SaaS) solution that works right out of the box, with no software to maintain or upgrade, and data that is accessible from anywhere.

How the A+ solution works:

  • Audit of current consumption
  • Analysis of real-time data to identify waste in energy use
  • Advice to drive energy savings
  • Achievement of savings
  • Announcement to stakeholders

The Noveda Advantage

  • Award-winning solution
  • Compatibility with all building automation systems (BAS) and utility meters
  • Wide ecosystem of service and channel partners
  • Large database of real-time energy data for benchmarking
  • Sustainability communication tools
  • Education and training components
  • Contact us and start saving right away.