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Generate funds for school essentials by driving energy savings

Energy is a significant expense for schools and colleges. In schools, more money is spent on energy than textbooks & computers combined. According to the EPA, educational institutions in the US spend nearly $14 billion annually on energy, of which 30% is wasted or inefficently used. Reduction in the waste in energy spending means more money for teacher salaries, textbooks and computers. For example, a 10% reduction in energy use can fund purchase of 1 million new computers in classrooms across the US. Studies have also shown that students in green schools get better test scores and demonstrate reduced absenteeism. Key to achieving the benefits from energy reduction is the visibility into your energy cost drivers.

Identify the opportunity to reduce energy spending with real-time monitoring

Noveda's energy management solutions provide a 360° view of consumption patterns. Leveraging our real-time monitoring data, customers can uncover the source of energy waste and gauge the impact of actions taken to eliminate waste.

Real-time monitoring can also be used to optimize water use and prevent water leakage. A key driver for water management is the nexus between water and energy i.e. conservation in water use also leads to reduced energy bills. This is clearly observed in dining halls and dorms, where a substantial amount of energy is used in heating water.

Educational institutions use Noveda solutions to save energy and water

Nearly 70% of Noveda customers in educational institutions across the US have reduced their energy spending, in a myriad of ways:

  • With EnergyFlow, customers monitor multiple energy sources (electric, gas, steam, oil, heating, cooling) from one dashboard, adjust settings to  reflect occupancy and weather patterns, avoid demand peaks, and catch billing errors.
  • EnergyFlow CXL (Capex Lens) is used to identify energy waste on a load-by-load. Customers use the sub-metering with CXL to track return on capex, and for measurement & verification (M&V) credits for LEED certification.
  • PortfolioTracker enables customers to monitor energy consumption across multiple campus buildings from a single dashboard. The information is normalized for variables such as square footage to enable prioritizing of energy efficiency investments, aggregation of  energy consumption across properties to negotiate better pricing.
  • SunFlow Monitor to maximize your  investment in renewable energy such as solar PV/wind or geothermal

With the data visbility from real-time monitoring, you can  track and meet target goals set by trustees, school commitments such as ACUPCC, STARS or the EPA Green Power Challenge.

Leverage Noveda solutions, improve environmental literacy and prepare students for Green Jobs

  • Noveda's energy and water competitions link virtual games to energy and water reduction in competing dorms. Universities not only reduce their utility bills with the competitions, but also  improve environmental literacy of the student body. 
  • MakeMeSustainable enables universities to leverage the viral power of social networking to engage and educate students in energy and water conservation efforts. 
  • Finally, the Noveda Certified Student Engineer Program (NCSE) prepares students for green jobs today, LEEDing the way for the Future. 

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Whether you are a K-12 school or a college, fund spending on school essentials by driving energy savings with the Noveda A+ solution;a software as a service (SaaS) solution that works right  out of the box, with no software to maintain or upgrade, and data that is accessible from anywhere.

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