RTEM Application

RTEM SERVICE PROVIDER INFORMATION (Applicant) Company/Organization that will receive project payment)
RTEM SYSTEM PROVIDER INFORMATION (if different from RTEM Service Provider)
SITE (S) INFORMATION (This should be the site (s) where the project is taking place)

  Site Sector: 
  Is the site (s) contributing to the System Benefits Charge (SBC) through their Electric Distribution Provider (Utility)?
  Electricity Costs & Consumption:
  Natural Gas Costs & Consumption:
  Other Energy Costs & Consumption:

What will be monitored?
At what level will they be monitored?
Please describe the RTEM Scope of Work to include: systems monitored, number of data points, parties involved, and magnitude of services.
Awarded projects must be installed and commissioned within one year of receiving a NYSERDA Purchase Order ("PO"). A one-time extension of up to twelve months may be requested. Failure to install within the one-year timeframe or the approved extension timeframe will result in project cancellation.
Will this project be installed and commissioned within one year of receiving the NYSERDA Purchase Order ?
RTEM systems that are installed prior to the launch of this Program are not eligible to receive a System Installation Cost-Share (as defined in Section III below).
Was this system installed prior to 08/01/2016 ?
Projects must monitor energy usage at levels more granular than the whole-building, or whole-space for tenant applicants. The time frequency of monitoring must be at least hourly, or more frequent. Monitoring hardware must be permanently installed, and not intended for temporary use.
Will sub metering and hourly monitoring be provided on this project ?